Berthing Fee

Please contact us for a current quote. View Terms & Conditions below.


From 1st April until 31st October. There will be no further charge for boats remaining on the water during the winter period.


No refunds will be made if a berth is subsequently vacated unless we are able to re-let that berth. In which case we will refund the difference, on a pro-rata basis, less a 10% arrangement fee. This is only applicable during the summer period.


All measurements will include outdrives, davits, dinghies, and any other projecting feature.


The berthing fee is payable in full, in advance, on or before March 31st. Failure to complete payment by this date will result in the berth being made available for re-allocation.


Due to the limited space available, this is restricted to one tender per berth, to be stored at our discretion. No charge will be made for this.


Supply is available to most berths by arrangement. Please contact us for the current charge rates.

Boat Handling

Work of any kind will be charged separately at our standard yard labour rate. Please contact us for the current charge rates.

berthing on Windermere at sunset
birds eye of Windermere berthing

Term and Conditions of Berthing

Owners are liable for any damage caused by their vessels, themselves or
their crew while aboard, or on the premises. Maiden Marine will accept no
liability for any injury to any persons coming onto these premises, or
damage to vehicles or craft stored thereupon.

All boat owners must have a minimum of Third Party Insurance. Please note 
that while all reasonable care is taken by ourselves, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their vessel is properly secured and protected from wind and water levels.

All regulations and bylaws relating to the Lake must be observed at all times.

The car parking situation is the same as always. We will try to accommodate as many 
cars as possible here on our site. However, during busy times alternative car 
parking is available at the Public Car Park at Ferry Nab.

The toilets and showers will be accessible bypass number for berth holders and staff. We would appreciate your assistance in keeping these facilities in good condition.

The following are not permitted within the confines of the Company’s Premises: –

a. Emptying of chemical toilets

b. Depositing of rubbish other than in the skip provided

c. Subletting of berths

d. Transfer of berth to a third party

e. The exercise of free running dogs

f. The transaction of any business

g. The display of “For Sale” notices

h. Swimming or fishing

i. BBQing on the jetty

j. Altering or adding to the jetty structures without prior consent.

Maiden Marine reserve the right to locate each boat onto appropriate berths at their discretion. Please note, there is no guarantee that your boat will be on the same berth as last year. We have to make the best of the space that is available. However, we will do our best to keep the changes to a minimum. Boats with lifting keels may be asked to move to inner berths.

In their own interest, berth holders are asked to notify Maiden Marine if their boat is being removed by a third party.

Owners are requested to show consideration for other berth holders at all times, particularly at night and in the early morning.

Boats must not be offered for sale whilst on the jetties unless a brokerage agreement form with Maiden Marine has been completed.

We reserve the right to carry out the following: –

a. To replace or increase the number of mooring ropes if considered necessary. The cost will be charged to the berth holder.

b. To remove any vessel or gear at our discretion and at the owner’s sole risk.

c. To take whatever action may be considered necessary for the safety of the boat or other boats and property in the vicinity.

Use of all facilities is at the individual’s own risk.

Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions may
result in those in breach of such Terms and Conditions being requested to
vacate their berth immediately without notice or financial recompense.

We are sure that customers will realize that these conditions are
laid down primarily in the interest of the safety and security of all
berth holders and are not intended to impose unnecessarily

Happy Sailing!