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Honwave New Boat Models

Ride the Waves

Our range of inflatables is light, portable and perfect excursions on lakes or at sea. All Honwave models are constructions using a durable, high-quality PVC fabric not only ensuring maximum durability and performance but providing total usability and enjoyment.

Honwave aluminum deck (from 2.5m to 4m)

Honwave’s aluminum-desk inflatables are ideal watercraft for just about any nautical activity. Rugged and ready to go, their extra-large buoyancy guarantees smooth and safe cruising every time. The floor slats are number coded for hassle-free assembly, and the smaller model can be stored in a single bad, so you can take them everywhere.

Honwave air v-floor (from 2.4m to 3.8m)

Light and fast, these inflatables are packed with comfort and performance features. Their deep-V hull design significantly optimizes keel performance and ensures maximum stability at virtually any speed. The hull design incorporates an extended rear inflated floor trim pad for effortless directional agility. responsive helm balance and increased buoyancy.

Honwave slatted deck (from 2m to 2.5m)

Compact and ultra light, Honwave’s slatted deck inflates are perfect for tender excursions, fishing trips or simply cruising for pleasure. With a larger buoyancy tube diameter, they ensure superior flotation and stability. Folding and storing can be accomplished by a single person in just minutes. That’s a very efficient and convenient model.

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