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Honda Engines Models

“Over 50 years of innovation, testing, refining and testing again makes our marine technology the very best it can be. In fact, everything we learn from everything we do goes into our development, allowing us to create new technologies and new ways of solving problems. So its not just clever engineering, its ENGINEERING FOR LIFE” 
Maiden Marine is now sole dealers throughout Cumbria and the Lake District for Honda engines and Honwave Boats, see us in store today for more information on the complete Honda Marine range.


2022 Honda BF250
2022 Honda BF225
2022 Honda BF200
2022 Honda BF150
2022 Honda BF140
2022 Honda BF115
2022 Honda 105 Jet
2022 Honda BF100
2022 Honda BF90
2022 Honda BF75
2022 Honda 65 Jet
2022 Honda BFP60


2022 Honda BF2.3